Your most expensive employees are your untrained ones

Training is one of the first areas where companies look to cut costs. However, experts advise against it, saying that training is not a cost, but rather an investment.

Replacing an employee is expensive. A retail store could pay as much as $25,000 to replace an $8-an-hour employee—in hiring expenses, training, missed sales and lost productivity. Society for Human Resource Management

The key is to ensure that the employees you have are equipped with the skills, the confidence and the motivation necessary to do their jobs.

Benefits of a well-trained staff

  • Increased productivity, with more done in less time
  • Reduced costs, because duties are performed right the first time
  • Higher customer satisfaction, with issues resolved amicably
  • Stronger employee engagement, thanks to increased confidence
  • Lower staff turnover, because employees like their jobs
  • Greater consistency of response, with everyone on the same page

CCI offers a number of training courses—both on-site and online—that improve the performance of front-line employees and management. As a result, your company’s delivery of Customer Care is enhanced, raising customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

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Course Delivery Methods

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