Managing Customer Perceptions

Perception is Reality.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to Perception.  The way a customer perceives a situation is his or her reality.

This course examines how differences in perception can create customer misunderstandings and severely damage customer relationships.  Techniques for managing those perceptions and ensuring a positive customer experience are highlighted.

Learn how to

  • Understand perception
  • Equate perception with reality
  • Recognize the impact and importance of your words, body language and tone of voice
  • Set a C-A-R-E goal
  • Create positive perception statements
  • Use 5 ways to create positive customer perceptions

Who should attend

This course will be most valuable to front line staff working in

  • Customer Care
  • Consumer Relations
  • Field Service
  • Teleservices
  • Customer Service
  • Call Centers
  • Help Desks
  • Customer Support

Length 60 minutes

Fee Virtual Class $295

An unlimited number of students may attend via a single web/audio connection.

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