Communicating Effectively
with Customers

Research tells us the main reason customers stop doing business with a company is they feel the company doesn’t care about them.

Effective communication skills can help you demonstrate to your customers that you and your company are interested in learning about their experiences and resolving their issues.

This course will examine the process of communication, how to avoid a breakdown in communication with customers, how to ensure the message sent is the message received, and how to exceed customer expectations through conscious communication.

Learn how to

  • Apply an effective communication model
  • Define exceptional customer service
  • Use the verbal, vocal and visual aspects of communication
  • Understand why communication can be challenging
  • Apply “Conscious Communication” with customers

Who should attend

This course will be most valuable to front line staff working in

  • Customer Care
  • Consumer Relations
  • Field Service
  • Teleservices
  • Customer Service
  • Call Centers
  • Help Desks
  • Customer Support

Length 60 minutes

Fee Virtual Class  $295

An unlimited number of students may attend via a single web/audio connection.

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