Customer Care Professional Certification Online

This online course covers the basic skills and knowledge required for front line staff to successfully handle customer contacts by phone, email and face-to-face. It includes an online certification exam to allow participants to demonstrate mastery of the concepts.

Learn how to

  • Identify and meet customer expectations
  • Communicate effectively with customers
  • Manage customer perceptions
  • Deal with different types of customers
  • Respond effectively to in-person and telephone customer contacts
  • Write effective emails

Course Outline

Customer Care Basics

  • Impact of a satisfied customer
  • Value of a customer
  • Customer expectations
Communication Fundamentals

  • The communication process
  • Communication challenges
  • Communicating exceptional service
Managing Customer Perceptions

  • Perception is reality
  • Creating positive perceptions
  • Avoid negative perceptions
  • Taking responsibility
Responding Face-to-Face and by Phone

  • Listening effectively
  • Asking questions
  • Interpreting information
  • Offering a solution
 Different Customer Types

  • Assertive customers
  • Angry customers
  • Talkative customers
  • Vulgar customers
Writing Effective Emails and Letters

  • Assessing your writing style
  • K. I. S. S. strategy
  • Using active voice
  • Opening and closing sentences

Who should attend

This course is for anyone who has direct contact with customers. Supervisors and Team Leads also can benefit from this course.

Length 8 hours

Fee $295

Certification Exam

To achieve certification, participants in this course must successfully complete an online certification exam. Participants must achieve an overall score of 80% to be certified by the Institute.