Ensuring customer satisfaction can start with one of the simplest tasks you can master. Just listening. Too often we jump to judge or assume what a customer is going to say. Why? Because we think we’ve already experienced a situation just like the one that’s currently in front of us. A déjà vu moment. And we interrupt the customer before they can finish their thought because we think that we already know what they’re going to say.

What happens from there can quickly accelerate into a big misunderstanding. By not listening with both ears we miss the important details. The clues we’ll need to solve that individual customer’s satisfaction.

Jumping ahead like this happens when we feel pressed for time, or when we think the customer is giving us too much information. Sometimes the customer just has a slower speech rate and we’re just dying to finish their sentences.

Pay attention. Do not interrupt. Let them finish completely. Otherwise they will keep repeating themselves until they feel they’ve been fully heard.

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