Satisfied customers spend more money, more often.

Highly satisfied customers are even more loyal. The Institute can help businesses determine exactly how satisfied their customers are and what they can do to improve their results.

The Institute’s professionals can design and execute a unique customer satisfaction measurement program that provides insights into customer expectations and satisfaction levels.

The information gathered allows companies to

  • Identify critical customer issues
  • Gain valuable customer feedback
  • Track changes in customer satisfaction
  • Identify potential customer defections
  • Monitor and measure employee performance

Choose from three survey options that deliver results

  • Telephone – Interviewing, asking customized questions, probing and capturing detailed responses
  • Email – Questions posted on a secure website. Customers log in and answer questions
  • Mail – Send invitation cover letter, questionnaire with postage-paid return envelope and follow up to encourage participation

Benefits of measuring customer satisfaction with CCI

  • Demonstrates a company’s commitment to continuous improvement
  • Assures respondents of objectivity from an independent, professional, third party organization
  • Permits questions to be targeted in order to meet specific needs
  • Receive in-depth comments and higher-than-average response rates

The Institute’s reports are insightful, unbiased and actionable, documenting customer satisfaction levels and overall loyalty.

The programs are customizable to help companies increase profits, prevent losses and attract and retain new customers.

Contact the Institute today to discuss a customized survey program that will meet your company’s needs and your customers’ expectations.