From satisfying thirsty consumers to refreshing an entire industry

Customer Care Institute was founded by Roger H. Nunley. While Director of Industry and Consumer Affairs for the Coca-Cola Company, he took a small correspondence function and developed it into a world-class customer service organization. Under Roger’s leadership, that organization became a benchmark for Fortune 500 companies.

Other companies, including many of Coca-Cola’s customers, sought Roger’s advice on how to improve their Customer Service operations. He became more active with service-related professional associations, taking on leadership roles. He also extensively researched available resources and the needs of other service professionals.

What he found was that many companies had several service functions—Customer Service, Consumer Affairs, Teleservices, Help Desks and others—operating independently, in separate service silos. All required similar resources—training, technology, satisfaction measurement, hiring, managing, quality monitoring and organizational structure.

This lack of coordination convinced him of the need for an all-in-one industry resource, so, in 1994, he established the Customer Care Institute.

Today, Customer Care Institute helps some of the world’s leading brands keep a smile on their customers’ faces. Or helps them make one reappear. The Institute has enhanced Customer Care programs for a wide range of companies, including Toyota, AT&T, GE, Chevron, FEMA, Dunkin’ Donuts and Nestle. And membership has grown to a total of more than 14,000 professionals.

Over the past 20 years, CCI has become an international resource in virtually every area of Customer Care.

The Institute’s client work covers multi-channel service and support functions in a variety of industries and organizations, including financial services, education, airlines, consumer goods, telecommunications, manufacturing, government, associations and non-profits.

The Institute offers:

  • A proven track record of creative solutions for developing and enhancing Customer Care through
    • Training
    • Performance Management
    • Technology Enhancement
    • Process Improvement
    • Satisfaction Measurement
  • Expertise gained from having worked in retail, corporate, education and service provider environments
  • In-depth knowledge of the Customer Care industry
  • Globally-recognized experts in Customer Care
  • A finely-tuned ability to evaluate Customer Care functions, identify strategic and tactical needs, and implement change


Roger H. Nunley
Managing Director
Phil Jones, Ph. D.
Senior Consultant
Susan L. Lind, Ph. D.
Director of Learning
Dore Brooks
Program Manager
Frederick C. Van Bennekom, Ph.D.
Customer Care Fellow



The Institute’s client work covers multi-channel service and support functions in a variety of business-to-business and business-to-consumer industries, including consumer goods, food service, electronics, financial services, airlines, telecommunications, manufacturing, government and non-profits.

A partial list of the Institute’s clients can be viewed here.

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