About The Customer Care Institute

The Customer Care Institute helps some of the world’s leading brands keep a smile on their customers’ faces. Or helps them make one reappear. The Institute has enhanced Customer Care programs for a wide range of companies, including Toyota, AT&T, GE, Chevron, FEMA, Dunkin’ Donuts and Nestle.

Over the past 20 years, CCI has become an international resource in virtually every area of Customer Care.

The Institute’s client work covers multi-channel service and support functions in a variety of industries and organizations, including financial services, education, airlines, consumer goods, telecommunications, manufacturing, government, associations and non-profits.


Roger H. Nunley
Managing Director
Phil Jones, Ph. D.
Senior Consultant
Susan L. Lind, Ph. D.
Director of Learning
Frederick C. Van Bennekom, Ph.D.
Customer Care Fellow

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