Customer Care Center Certification

There are certain components and practices that a Customer Care Center must implement to successfully deliver Best Practices Customer Care. These components and practices apply across industries and companies.

The Institute’s Customer Care Center Certification program validates that the components and practices are currently in place, identifies areas that need correction and highlights opportunities for streamlining processes, increasing productivity, improving satisfaction, gaining efficiencies and enhancing value.

Customer Care Center Certification is achieved once the Institute has determined that the center has successfully implemented the essential components and practices required to deliver Best Practices Customer Care.

The Center Certification program is based on the Five Pillars of Customer Care; Culture, People, Processes, Technology and Customers.

There are three levels of Customer Care Center Certification – Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver – The center has the essential components and practices required to provide Best Practices Customer Care. It has defined processes in place and has implemented the necessary technology.

Gold – The center has enhanced the essential components and practices of Best Practices Customer Care to further improve the delivery of Customer Care.

Platinum – The center is structured and equipped with advanced components and practices to provide world-class Customer Care.

Contact the Institute for more information or to schedule a Center Certification.

Center Certification FAQs

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Is a center required to score at least 70% on all of the elements on the scorecard to be certified?
How often will my center have to be re-certified?
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